Why I must prefer animals to humans

Why I must prefer animals to humans

As long as one does not go so far as to kill a “two-legged animal” to feed their four paws buddy, I do not see why they should feel weird or guilty for showing a strong attachment for a dog, even a snake or a spider! Animals take us out of our solitude, or sadness, our selfishness, our ignorance, our fears and even our stupidity. The ones that live with us often give us more than we give them.
Animals, like children, love even when humans are careless or abusive towards them. And as for children, we cannot fancy ourselves animal lovers when we only or hardly love ours. Some people really just enjoy having power over animals, or children. Their attitude toward animals never cease to make me wonder what is wrong with the human brain that triggers some of the worst and most unspeakable behaviors.

The Internet abounds with horrific stories of animal abuse, but not just stories that individuals or animal organizations bring to public knowledge to prompt legal action. Unfortunately, just as in the case of child pornography, the Internet makes it easier to circulate, on a worldwide scale, videos of animal killing or torture, such as crush videos, produced by sick people for the enjoyment of even sicker people.

Animals (either old, sick, too costly or no longer “baby cute”) that end up in shelters, ruefully treated, abandoned, tortured and killed are a sickening reminder of how love so easily becomes “something else”, that would deserve proper naming. And there is little chance of a change as long as change is not forced onto people (and legislation alone cannot do that). In most countries, even those considered as evolved, animal rights are very limited, inexistent or difficult to enforce. In French civil law, animals are classified as objects (or pieces of furniture, to be exact) and many approve of that from a mere economic perspective, and do not care about the horrendous consequences for animals. We are still light years from improvement in all countries, whether civilized or archaic. That classification of animals as furniture is one of the reasons why I am against using “it” or “its” when speaking of an animal.


Having been led into radicalism in the face of unbearable moral and political apathy, I do say that animals deserve better than being our “beloved pets”, industrially bred and fed, sold in pet stores, confined in apartments, cages, glass bowls, even tied to a leash that we easily pull absent-mindedly or abusively, or used as live key rings!

As much as I understand the force of an attachment to one’s pet, I also see that animals are sometimes the object of crazy (un)love, which has terrible mental and physical effects on them. Some of them are liable to develop the same neurotic diseases as humans, because of humans. But as always, man mistakes effects for causes.

At a certain time I used to come across this one old woman who had a lovely skinny whippet that she abused every time she took her out on a tight leash that she kept pulling vehemently and I secretly envisioned the old witch lying dead on her living room’s floor, her poor dog sitting next to her, licking her paws and thinking that vengeance is a dish best served cold. Of course that is pure invention as dogs, however hungry, or angry, do not eat their “masters” (even bad ones!).

Indeed that it is not a nice way to think about humans, even for all our faults and crimes, but I would never intentionally hurt any of them, as opposed to those who usually have no more mercy for men than they do for animals but argue that some animals are intentionally ferocious (and must be eradicated). To speak in extreme terms, studies have shown, clearly enough, that psychopathic killers often begin their careers as animal abusers.

As I declared in my title, I prefer animals to humans. I shall now try to explain why.


I am an achingly disappointed human being who has slowly and finally reached a point of disgust for mankind. I think that it is fair to reject the whole human species considering that very few people have the courage of acting on their opinions with respect to animal abuse and so choose not to have any, preferring to file the matter under “collective responsibility”. What is collective responsibility? Is it the sum of all individual responsibilities or some nameless culprit? I believe that each one of us plays a part in the state and events of the world. If a man attacks a woman and witnesses just stand by watching, the attacker and the by-standers are, in my view, all guilty, and possibly the latter, greater in numbers, are guiltier for not even trying to save her.

Cruelty towards animal is not unavoidable, it is a crime and should be punished by law. Do men not somehow believe that society is better off having people “take it out” on animals rather than on other humans? Why is it so difficult to recognize that cruelty to animals is morally wrong and hurts us, our future, our conscience, even our interests? Why is it so difficult to oppose animal cruelty, period? Is it not convenient to believe that silence gives consent? Would that help if animals could cry and plead? Would a lion or a bull that came down to their knees, tears pouring out of their eyes, have more chance of escaping torture and death? I think not, considering that the same goes with men!

Speaking of conscience – which is what supposedly differentiates men from animals, and also men from other men – it is not an authority that one should only submit to “after the act”, or when one pleases. It is the morally superior voice that each one of us should listen to before action, particularly in view of the potentially harmful impact of one’s intentions or motives.

Admittedly no one has the right to speak to someone in lieu of their conscience, and hence tell them what they should or should not do, but that does not mean that people have a right to ignore their conscience, which is what most of us do on a daily basis, hence the increasing amount of silly laws. By the way, is our conscience not the greatest proof of God’s goodness? It leaves us entirely free to ignore it and keep on believing that we have nothing to reproach ourselves with. At least while we are “here”.

I all too well know how men conveniently skip the test of their conscience, so that if and when they have to answer for their actions, they are sure to sound as innocent and unknowing as possible. Less risks of sounding like a liar or a monster! People do that a lot.

I generally think that what men do to men is all men’s fault. Indeed there is a sad human tendency to collectively or individually submit to masters, be they state dictators, rueful bosses, violent husbands, religious beliefs or leaders, unfair laws, etc., which I have never understood. For me, that explains, at least to some extent, why men drink alcohol, take drugs or depressants, break laws or lay into children, women and animals.

Ritual sacrifices performed by men of old, and still performed by primitive cultures or for religious reasons, also prove that men have always used animals – instead of themselves – to quiet the imaginary wrath of gods. Obviously that has never worked, for good reason: how could God, who created all forms of life, take pleasure in having men inflict pain and kill His own creatures? The belief that physical suffering transcends the soul and opens the gates to heaven baffles me, and I struggled with it for a very long time. It is, for me, the most absurd religious belief, along with human or animal holocausts.

I therefore think that, save for a few exceptions, men decide of their own misery and it is only fair that they should suffer from what they have brought upon themselves. Men cannot expect to save their a** (or souls) at the expense of other species. All animals are morally innocent but still all too often men’s victims. And innocent victims are never good at defending themselves. That is why I will always side with animals!

I absolutely hate how men pleasurably – and cowardly – use weapons, traps, nets, poisons, decoys, torture, experiment, hunt down (with or without dogs), eat, cut or cook alive, force feed, pull eggs out (as in caviar), etc. I hate all these things that men do without a pinch in their hearts but have no courage to tell in words or document in an encyclopedia. How about an anthology? Any volunteers able to use a pen instead of a knife?

For me, it is a sad fact that very few great writers or artists take a courageous stand for animals and animals’ rights (their first right being the right to live, not to be hunted down in a picturesque way!). I guess that even for the most spiritually inclined of them, indulging one’s stomach is more important than feeding one’s soul.

Under its many horrific forms, guises and shameful justifications, human cruelty against animals only has one cause. That is why I prefer animals to humans.


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