We Are the Kingdom of Style

We Are the Kingdom of Style

Michelle and Marie manage the Scottish blog titled We are the Kingdom of Style at http://kingdomofstyle.typepad.co.uk/. Michelle and Marie write about fashion, art, design, music, dance, and everything cool. I interviewed Michelle a few weeks ago.

What do you do in life? What is your passion?

I’m a full time graphic designer, which I’ve been for the last 17 years. My biggest passion however is ballet. I’m currently training to get my BATD Classical Ballet qualification, as I hope to one day teach ballet to adults. Ballet is a heady mixture of beauty, hard work and suffering. The emotional and physical demands are brought into stark relief after every class, yet there is nothing quite like putting on those pointe shoes and dancing.


What do you like/not like about your city/country of origin?

I’m from Scotland, which is a stunningly beautiful country. I love our history in particular. As Scots, we have such an intense past which has really given us a strong identity.

I currently live in Glasgow. The people here can be very closed-minded to anyone who is different; whether it’s a different race, culture, sexuality or even dress sense, so I find it frustrating a lot of the time. It feels like a large city with a small town mentality at times. It does have an amazing music scene though. So many great bands and music careers began in Glasgow.

Who is your favorite designer or artist?

One of my current favorite artists is Valetin Hirsch. He’s a super talented tattoo artist. I loved his work for a long time before finding out who he actually was.


What is your style? How would you define it?

My style varies so often I find it hard to define. One day I’ll be layering up patterns and prints and the next day I’ll be in black leather. I delight in fashion so much that I can’t imagine only ever being one thing or another.

Who is your best style icon? Alternatively, who is your favorite fictional character?

I don’t have style icons to be honest. I do love Leaf Greener though, as she has such fun with fashion and combines looks in a way I can completely relate too.

 Best movie? Why?

I love Robert Redford, so I guess any of his films would certainly be on the list. Barefoot in the Park and All The President’s Men are both films I could watch time and time again.

 What or who couldn’t you live without?

I couldn’t live without my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 14 years and he is my rock. He’s so supportive of everything I do. He also takes all my outfit photos for the blog so he’s very much an integral part of Kingdom of Style.


 How do you start your day and how do you end your day?

I like routine. I’m very regimented. I begin my day with a cup of tea  – always! I end my day with a bubble bath. I get a bit out of sorts if I don’t get my bubble bath every night. It’s my full stop to the day.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I try not think ahead to a time when I get even older! I much prefer to live day to day. That said, I do hope by then I’ll have my ballet qualification and will be on my way to being able to teach.

What are you afraid of?

Both my parents died from cancer so I’m very afraid of getting cancer too. Being faced with being told you are going to die before your time has come to its natural end is frightening. My parents were both so brave when they knew they were dying. I hope at least to be as brave as them if the day comes.

What is your beauty product of choice?

Urban Decay eye shadow primer is the best product I have ever used. I have exceptionally oily skin and this allows me to wear eyeliner without having it slide off my eyelids and disappear into oblivion!

What do you spend your money on?

I pay my bills first and foremost, then I treat myself to fashion related items after that. Mostly shoes.


What is the one thing you regret doing or not doing?

I hugely regret not pursuing ballet when I was young. I wanted to be a ballet dancer, but my family was pretty poor so my parents weren’t in a position to send me to ballet lessons. I would spend all day long just drawing ballerinas. I think I would have been able to have a career as a dancer had I had that opportunity.

What is your attitude/approach to food?

I spent most of my life eating what I wanted, when I wanted, but now I need to be more careful. Because I dance I try to watch what goes into my body and keep my weight down and my strength up. I never deny myself a treat though, as I have a very sweet tooth. I believe everything in moderation is the best approach to food, and life in general. If you spend your life denying yourself nice things, you’ll only want them more.


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