Unite ! An urging call to all animal welfare and wildlife protection organizations

It seems to me that the progressive replacement of the word “nature” by the term “environment” tells a lot about how “anti-nature” and anthropocentric humanity has become. Whereas nature existed of and by itself, the concept of environment and even the word “environment” suggest that men consider nature as a mere backdrop for human existence, with the terrible effects that are seen and felt everywhere.

As an animal welfare and wildlife protection supporter and advocate, I try to contribute to as many causes as I can, but most importantly I strive to live in conformity with my convictions and values, which is just impossible.

Do you know that your soap bar is made with animal grease and your kid’s favorite gummy candy contains gelatin (beef or pork protein substance)? Do you know that wool is “produced” in the most barbaric way in countries like Australia? Do you realize that what may have been recognized as animal cruelty and forbidden in Europe or in the US is totally allowed in China? Animal cruelty, wildlife destruction and environmental damage are happening daily with or without our approval and we all participate in it whether we want it or not! How do you like that?

Our planet is a whole. It is for me impossible – as I consider it morally wrong – to choose, prioritize or differentiate between animal causes, endangered species or between cats and dogs! ¬†Nature is an intelligent and highly organized system in which all species play a crucial role and let’s all be honest and realistic for once, man has originally no part in it!


The only natural part which man should have played is that of a privileged guest and grateful protector. Nature does not need us, but “she” has always abundantly provided for us.

Well, that was the case before men started to mess with nature, instead of respectfully and intelligently “taking” what they needed in order to live. ¬†When humanity adopted urban life, we forgot all about nature, leaving “her” at the hands of greedy corporations. I am not saying that humanity should have continued to live like cave men. I am saying that men should have put their so-called superior intelligence to a better and more responsible use of nature, rather than be blindly led by cupidity, selfishness and sheer cruelty.

So much harm has been – and is still being – done and terrible losses and damages will never be repaired. If man hopes to have a future on this planet, he must now ensure that nature has a future. Man must change!

Within the past few years, hundreds of animal advocacy groups and environmental organizations have emerged to try and put a stop to man’s reckless killing and wrecking spree. Workers in these organizations are doing a difficult and admirable work on the field, often at their lives’ expense. The emotional toll is very high on these sensitive animal and nature lovers as they have accepted to witness the most unbearable horrors to testify and raise public awareness.

I am deeply grateful to them for their accomplishments and self-abnegation. I know how difficult it is for all these organizations to make people adhere to their causes partly because of the plethora of dramatically urgent situations. Internet has been instrumental in raising awareness and hastening actions but it also has a huge drawback that is now threatening to weaken the entire animal advocacy action: the growing number of organizations that every day bombard our mailboxes with gruesome reports.

Each and every day, like millions of concerned people, I receive countless messages to help put an end to annual seal pup slaughters (happening right now on the Canadian ice floes!), daily elephant massacres, rhinoceros killings, whale hunting, wolf (and coyote) culling, lion farming for trophy hunting, shark finning, traditional or religious yearly slaughtering festivals. I am asked to sign petitions against industrial farming and fishing, the fur business, lab animals, puppy mills, and to donate money to save almost extinct mountain gorillas, snow leopards, tigers, orangutans or to help protect bees, polar bears, migrating birds, howls, bats, seahorses, corals, etc., etc., etc.

I receive requests to financially support or sign petitions for the same causes from two or three, sometimes more, different organizations. As much as I would like to, I cannot support all organizations and I feel more and more disheartened by the unceasing and simultaneous flow of messages for the same causes. Sometimes I almost black out because I feel mentally saturated. Most importantly, I just cannot understand why there are so many separate organizations that defend the same universal causes and yet do not see the advantages of uniting forces and resources to be stronger and do a more efficient and faster work.

Why do these groups fail to see the obvious necessity and value of union? They really seem to be permanently competing with each other for attention and funds, and instead of focusing on animal welfare causes, they send out a negative image of division and distinct interests that is primarily harmful to the noble causes which they work so hard to promote or defend.

And so today, I would like in my turn to send a message to all animal welfare and wildlife protection organizations throughout the entire world:

For the sake of Nature, Unite and Fight together!


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