Sat with Michelle Chang

Sat with Michelle Chang

I sat with Michelle Chang, a jewelry designer who sells her art on

What do you do in life? What is your passion?
One of my passions is jewelry making… Also tennis, travel, food, reading, and scuba… Always trying to do more of those!

Who is your favorite designer or artist?
I love Phillip Crangi’s and Stephen Webster’s jewelry lines.

What is your style? How would you define it?
My style is very CA casual. urban casual.  Tees, tank tops, flip flops.

Who is your best style icon? Alternatively, who is your favorite fictional character?
Fictional character… Hmmmm, all female leads in Jane Austen novels.

What or who couldn’t you live without?
Can’t live without a dog (currently Indy), Asian food, traveling, and reading.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
More successful and more established in my business, second dog, living either still in SoCal or in Hawaii.

What are you afraid of?
Not being more successful in my business.


What is your beauty product of choice?
I’m very minimal these days….but I still love any perfume by Stella McCartney.

What do you spend your money on?
Interior design (furniture, etc.), books, food, my dog, scuba, travel, and my friends.


What is the one thing you regret doing or not doing?
I regret not going to art school for my first undergraduate degree, but I did manage to go 10 years later for my second degree.


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