Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Personal Style

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Personal Style

have been infatuated with Ryuichi Sakamoto since seeing him as Yonoi in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence with David Bowie in the 80’s. Award-winning composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto makes me think of the likes of Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, or David Byrne. Everything he does is a mix of crossing musical and technological boundaries.

Ryuichi Sakamoto is multi-talented in many different musical styles, whether it be popular, orchestral, classical, new age, alternative, or film music. Ryuichi wrote the music and soundtrack of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, the Last Emperor and many other movies. The breadth and complexity of his musical expression never ceases to wow me. He is also a strong actor who has appeared in several music videos and movies.


But there’s more. Ryuichi also enchants me because of his personal style. His minimalism and purism is a nice contrast to the intricacy of his music. In fact Ryuichi has been inspiring menswear collection designers for years, as he favors monochrome colors (and very few of them) and minimal details. His modernist approach towards fashion and style is almost stern and austere, yet never boring, but highly personal. Think Comme des Garçons meets Balenciaga. Inspiring.



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