Robert Redford Likes his Jeans

Robert Redford Likes his Jeans

In 1981, director/actor Robert Redford and a group of friends and colleagues gathered in Utah to discuss creating an environment designed to foster independence and new voices and perspective in American film. That spring, ten emerging filmmakers were invited to the first Sundance Institute Filmmakers/Directors Lab where they worked with top writers and directors to develop their original independent film projects. Each emerging artist was encouraged to take creative risks and to craft a film true to their own, unique vision. That was the beginning.


Since then the Institute has grown into an internationally recognized resource for many independent film, theatre, and music artists. One of the programs of the Sundance Institute features the annual Sundance Film Festival, which is held in Park City, Utah, each January, and is considered the premier platform for American and international independent film.


This site being about fashion, I was not going to talk about Robert Redford without mentioning his personal style. I don’t think Mr. Redford cares that much about fashion, and I believe that image consultants instruct him on what to wear at official events, however I do believe that he dresses in a way that comes easily to him, and yet enhances his eternal schoolboy physique. He has this particular advantage making it easier for him to look stylish without trying: He is a slender, well-built man. Frankly that baseline is 80% of the battle.


Robert Redford’s wardrobe heavily relies on his boot cut dark blue jeans. In fact his cowboy style, shirt, jeans, and boots is what a lot of us remember about his attire.  Relaxed, yet “coolissimo”. Simple, yet utilitarian.  Quickly thought up, but nonchalant. Robert Redford is also aficionado of Grant’s Ike jackets and short flight jackets. And don’t forget the dark tinted Ray ban sunglasses, which Robert Redford is often seen wearing at the Sundance festival.


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