Stars, Kundig and Little Old West

Stars, Kundig and Little Old West

Last week, I had a privilege to visit Mazama, WA with my best friend from Jr. High school. Summer is a gorgeous season here in Seattle so it was the best timing for her to make a visit. It has been over 6 years since she was here last time.

Winthrop is a small town about a 3-hour drive east from Seattle. The weather was nothing but beautiful for this road trip. Why Mazama? Because I have been wanting to visit The Rolling Huts cabins. These huts (6 of them – essentially steel-clad boxes on stilts) were designed by a renowned Seattle architect, Tom Kundig (, and meant to be guest rooms for Delta Shelter ( but are now used as cabins for rent. This could not have been a better place to take my best friend who is an architect in Japan.




















You can read more about the huts at the web site but here are some pictures we took while enjoying the surrounding nature and starry nights around the beautifully designed cabin and neighboring town, Winthrop, which offers a little rustic old west charm to its visitors.

Oh, and if you like coffee, make sure to visit Winthrop’s local coffee roaster, Lariat Coffee (!




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