Life by Leese

Life by Leese

I have been reading, by Lisa Holowaychuck. She has become my friend, she is beautiful and her spirituality has already helped me in many ways.


What do you do in life? What is your passion?

I’m a Life Stylist & Holistic Health Counselor – which means I work with individuals from the inside out.  I believe everything in life stems from the inside – to me everything is heart centered. If we aren’t happy, healthy, know who we are or confident with ourselves, nothing else in life is going to matter. I work with individuals who either need help with nutrition, styling, goal setting or all of the above. I also consult on a few other projects that are inline with my passions for health/wellness that excite me daily!

My passion lies in helping that would be at my inner core and drive behind every single thing that I do. I have this innate sense of wanting to make the world a better place. It might not be on some grande scale (or it might be! Who knows how I can share my story), but if I can help one person a day, whether it be big or small, think that is 365 people in a year!


What do you like/not like about your city/country of origin?

I absolutely love Canada and all that it stands for – freedom, friendliness (I don’t think anyone else says sorry more than Canadians :) , expansiveness, unity and the natural wonders of the mountains, plains, lakes, oceans and the PEOPLE. I love Canadians and am proud to be one.

I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about it – except for it’s far from Australia, Asia, South America, Europe therefore flights around the world are expensive! OH and the winters.


Who is your favorite designer or artist?

My favorite designers are Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein. They both embody minimalism and I resonate with that. Stella is also fully vegan and all of her collections are cruelty free which is something I admire and love.

Artist – Leonardo Da Vinci. He embodied so much more than just being an artist. He was a painter, sculptor, designer, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer and inventor. His genius mind thought beyond what anyone could even dream of.  His unquenchable curiosity is something that truly inspires me. Can you do anything you want? I believe so and Da Vinci proves this.


What is your style? How would you define it?

Minimalistic, comfortable, masculine/feminine, and classic. I wear a lot of jeans, stripy tees, t-shirts, leather jackets , pants, & skirts and booties and love a good pair of converse sneakers…I’m very monochromatic and just love basics in black/white & grey. I’m not a massive dress person, but I do like to throw one on every now and then.  I’m not a slave to designers at all, but will invest in quality bags and shoes, as these are items I wear daily. I LOVE Zara and mix this with any designers pieces I do have.



Who is your best style icon? Alternatively, who is your favorite fictional character?

Style Icons : Diane Kruger, Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin.

Fictional Character : I know this is cheesy, but Lisa Simpson. I grew up with an older brother and Simpsons was ALWAYS on. She was always so sweet, shy and did the right thing, but at the same time still mischievous. She made sure Bart didn’t go too far!


Best movie? Why?

I can’t pick one so I’ll pick my top 3, as they are so different:

Shawshank Redemption – This exemplifies the true meaning of perseverance, love, freedom and unconditional soulful relationships.

Dirty Dancing –  I think I saw this when I was 8! I started dance when I was 3, and this movie is a classic that allows for fun and fantasy to take hold. Who didn’t want to be Baby? A summer in Poconos dancing with Patrick Swayze…yes please.

Romeo & Juliet (Baz Lurman) – I’m a romantic at heart. This kind of love is so rare, and this story is too beautiful for words. Does this kind of love exist? I sure hope so, and hope to find it one day.

What or who couldn’t you live without?

Family, friends, green juice  & vegetables, travel, raw chocolate, music, dancing, exercise + LOVE


How do you start your day and how do you end your day?

Start: thankfulness, hot water with lemon, body brushing and green juice & then some form of workout (yoga, pilates, running, biking, walking, fitness DVD, I love to sweat!

End: tea, a bath (I’m obsessed) and a good book.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have such an adventurous spirit and I guess it depends on who I meet! I have a very open heart, but know that I have to start settling somewhere. I’m moving to Toronto in a few months, so will either be there, or NYC (where I was for the last 4 years). I want to be living passionately and waking up every day (hopefully next to my husband) being thankful and happy no matter what. There MIGHT be a babes in the picture, I’m definitely not ready for kids now…but in 5 years hopefully yes. I want each day to be a gift, and to embrace it fully and to continue working on my dreams and  passions. I want to travel, help and share my unique gifts with the world (we all have them, we just have to use them and give to others).



What are you afraid of?

Not finding great love. I’ve been single now for 4 years, without even a date (!)  and although I know I’ll find it, you start to feel like a nun. My heart is so full of love! I’m not afraid of not succeeding or doing greatness in this world, because that all stems from choice and what’s your heart. If you are surrounded by loved ones, a roof over your head, and are living your passion and dreams than that is all I need. To not live passionately is to not live at all.


What is your beauty product of choice?

Organic/raw coconut oil & Rose Water Spray


What do you spend your money on?

Organic food, super foods, books, iTunes, black lingerie (I have a slight obsession), all natural/organic skincare, buying presents for others!


What is the one thing you regret doing or not doing?

No regrets. Moving to Africa, New York, and settling back in Canada (for now) to heal has been my journey and I’ve embraced and been thankful for it everyday. It’s not always easy, but nothing in life comes easy. We learn from our mistakes and new opportunities arise from them.  I look back and wouldn’t change a thing, because this is how it’s meant to happen.


What is your attitude/approach to food?

I don’t like to label myself as anything, as I don’t like the restrictiveness of it!

But I firmly believe in eating WHOLE organic foods. Food that comes from the earth and are full of minerals, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that allow our bodies to thrive and perform in the best way possible. My main philosophy is what we put in, is what we get out. Health and longevity starts and ends with what we put into our bodies, and I want to feed my miracle machine the best food possible! I eat mostly vegan (some sustainably caught fish), gluten-free, no dairy or eggs (I’m allergic), no processed sugar and I love, love raw foods, green juices and juicing are daily non-negotiable for me. Nature is here to give us food to nourish our bodies, and to not take advantage of that is silly! Embrace your greens and see your life change before your eyes.


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