J’aime Winona

J’aime Winona

I usually don’t focus on women and their style on Samarcande because I find that there is better tailoring in men’s clothes and I deem it interesting when a guy finds creativity in the apparent limited array of options that men have at their disposal to carry a strong individual style.
However I have wanted to honor one of my favorite actresses, Winona Ryder for some time. Winona stayed discrete following her 2001 shoplifting arrest for snatching $4,760 worth of goods from a Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Since this experience, she has taken a series of small roles, but has been mostly out of sight.


I don’t care about Winona’s personal style. I do care about Winona’s individuality. And in a way when you are fond of someone’s individuality, their personal style becomes one with their identity.
Of course, I don’t know Winona, so I should refer to her personality instead, that is, to “the person that she appears to be” to an observer (like me). I know she has had depression and fought her demons, and knowing this about her makes her lovable, fragile, yet, strong to a point, because being an actor tends to stir up for the person who chose this profession a lot of personal mental pain and suffering, and that requires strength.


That Winona may often be seen wearing simple jeans and a shirt does not scream any particular style in itself. It tells me that Winona’s personal style may not be that central to her life, but it does not mean that Winona has no personality. :-)


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