HOT Bali, Indonesian Island

HOT Bali, Indonesian Island

Situated between Java and Lombok, in Southeast Asia, Bali is detached from the rest of the country because it rejected Islam and embraced Hinduism, which left it with more dynamism and a more cheerful atmosphere than the rest of Indonesia, and, to some extent, more liberalism than the rest of the country.

Bali is surrounded by beautiful beaches, among them the famous Nusa Dua where the main presence is an international chain of luxury hotels with spas that offer comprehensive services to entertain tourists. Tanjug Benoa is a quiet peninsula, with an always calm sea, perfect for those traveling with children. Kuta is the perfect address for fun and backpackers, surrounded by nightclubs, bars, and is a busy beach that never sleeps. In addition to all the attractions (except the bars maybe) you also can enjoy a wonderful and exotic sunset.


Seminyaki is hippie-chic with designer shops, fine restaurants and cozy hotels. For a bit of romance, I would suggest Geger beach, the perfect spot, free of charge for you and your loved one. Bali is also a haven for surfers seeking perfect waves, and even with a very low budget you can stay long term in a climate offering you more than 25 surfing spots, the most famous of these being Uluwatu and Dreamland.

Temples are as ubiquitous as the beaches are. Legend has it that there are more than ten thousand temples in Bali, a territory equivalent in size to Brussels. The most picturesque temple is Tanah Lot, a micro island temple, and a must-see at sunset, when it evokes the purest essence of Bali’s spirit.


In Lake Bratan in the north of the island, sits a delicate temple that bears the same name. There is also Taman Ayun in central Bali, a site of high pagodas and gardens filled with lotus flowers. To get even closer to nature, the village of Ubud is the perfect destination, with fine hotels and restaurants offering the best of international and exotic cuisine. Ubud is also famous for handicrafts made by dozens of artists who emigrated from their home countries to live in Bali.

Balinese cuisine is fragrant and juicy. The flagship dish is Sate Lilit, made ​​from ground fish and shrimp, plus the Bebek Betutu, duck cooked slowly in banana leaves. To taste local delicacies, the restaurant Bumbu Bali in Tanjung Benoa is one of many great options. For seafood lovers, Jimbaran beach offers variety in a very casual environment, with an exceptional sunset view nearby the runway of Depasar airport. Ubud can be also a great option whatever is your preference, and everything is presented in a creative way/ The restaurant Ibu Oka is one of the busiest restaurants for pork-based delights.


The bustle of Bali happens later after dinner, always after midnight. This is when the buzzing nightclubs open for party animals until dawn. Bounty Chip is a three-story lounge on Kuta beach, perfect to start the evening. In closing, Double Six (66) could be a very good option for the seekers of an intense party.

After a splash in the water and busy nights, there is nothing better than relaxing with a famous Balinese massage, using one a kind 100% fresh and natural tea made of leaves that you can collect yourself from any tea plantation at a maximum distance of 1 KM from wherever you are in the island.

For accommodation, the exclusive hotel The Legian Bali offers one of the most spectacular views of the island with an enviable infrastructure. Resort-style Nikko Bali in Nusa Dua and Ayodia, and Hard Rock Hotel in Kuta offer great value for your money.

To give your sojourn a little bit of an adventurous touch, get yourself a scooter at the rate of $5 a day and go enjoy the island, the views and mostly the kindness of the village folks. Selamat malam*.

* Good night

Kais Gharib

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