Christian Tinboulou, Chouchou de ces Dames! (“Women’s Shoe-Shoe”)

Christian Tinboulou, Chouchou de ces Dames! (“Women’s Shoe-Shoe”)

Christian Tinboulou (the name has been slightly modified to avoid unpaid publicity!) is the inspired creator and designer of a world-famous brand of red-soled footwear. His 4″ to 6″ high stilettos are his clients’ favorite styles.

Whenever asked, most stiletto wearers will swear on their mothers’ heads that their shoes are quite comfortable. We do not believe them and so we set out to determine what the reasons of such devotion could be, and here are our first findings. This is an ongoing study and we welcome all of our stylish readers’ contributions!

It does seem that Tinboulou shoe-addicts have specific common points and belong to a particular species, a fierce race of vain women.

What does it mean to be a member of the Tinboulou tribe? Why do they like the red on the soles? The red comes from the blood of those who waged a war in order to get a pair of pumps. Unless it symbolizes the status of one’s bank account after buying the shoes.



Here are some of the reasons to become a wearer of Tinboulou’s red-soled shoes:


1. You are a street-walker, preferably in Paris, London or New York – other cities don’t count (yet).

Bonus: the red sole makes the shoe easy to recognize if you lift your foot high enough with your strides. (Note: that is not easy to do. Tip: re-watch “Sex and the City”.)

2. You are a taxi-hopper and a party-crasher. The less walking there is, the more you need this shoe.

Bonus: everyone but you will see the red sole when you jump into a taxi. Goal achieved.

3. You are a pothole-kisser.

Bonus: you may end up falling but you will increase in status at the same time.

4. You don’t mind looking your best when spotted from behind.

Bonus: nobody will see your face of pain as you walk away with your fixed smile. (Do I see some tension in that smile?)

5. You don’t need to go anywhere fast. Or don’t mind getting there with feet that are twice their normal size upon arrival.

6. You want a workout that screws up both your feet and back simultaneously.

Bonus: you will look great while achieving your fitness objectives.

What about you? Why do you think women long to wear the famous red-soled shoes?


Christine and Françoise Hovivian

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