An Ode to Bono circa 1980’s

An Ode to Bono circa 1980’s

I discovered U2 and Bono with their song New Year’s Day in 1983 and I did not stop my infatuation with Bono until 1987 when they released their album The Joshua Tree. That album was influenced by American and Irish roots music, and depicted the band’s relationship with the United States. For me that was the moment when the band started his downhill spiral. Not because the music was less beautiful, but because Bono had changed… There was a purity, an innocence and a passion in the younger Bono which I found endearing and touching, and which slowly got replaced with irony, sarcasm, some tiredness, an obvious materialism, and love of celebrity status. At least this is what Paul Hewson’s face expresses on photos. Some disillusion or sadness, less revolt in the heart, more conformism.


I will always remember the fire mixed with naive joy in young Bono’s eyes. He made me want to know Ireland people and history. He made me want to be passionate about injustices in the world, he made me want to learn to sing, create a band, compose music, and be alive. I know the qualities I saw in the young Bono are still part of Paul’s individuality. They are just more, ahem, hidden. And I miss that Bono.

Bono never was interested in fashion. However his style was consistent and personal. He favored tight black jeans and knee boots with a heel though he was not particularly short (5′ 9″ (1.75 m)). Romantic meets rebel. Oh do I miss that Bono.



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