A Diatribe on Leggings

Why would a woman with beautiful shapely legs ever want to wear leggings? Leggings have the unique ability to turn any beautiful legs into poles with no shape or distinction, and I classify leggings-type jeans in the same category. What might offset the issue would be wearing leggings that stop mid-calf, so that they can uncover a harmonious muscle and give the hint of a magnificent leg. Others may argue that if you have a beautiful shape, clothing such as leggings will enhance how uniquely shaped and lean you are, as if even wearing the leggings cannot hide your beauty. Okay. I am almost swayed.


Back to my argument. Skinny jeans provide the same lack of discernment — or sheer courage as leggings. If you’re going to go with tight, try straight jeans. They are classic and tend to balance out the width of the calves and ankles well in comparison to the thighs, since the bottom of the pant is wider.


Skinny jeans only fit someone whose thigh to calf ratio is small, so as not to make the thigh appear gigantic compared to the relative smallness of the lower limbs. There is an exception. Wearing high heels with skinny jeans may lengthen the legs and thus balance out the thickness of the thighs (if that is the case) with the rest of the leg.


This brings up the issue of whether you should wear anything you want even if your body may not have the proper “shape”, or whether you should “dress for your body type.” I think you should dress to enhance your appearance, as opposed to making the bold and provocative statement, “I could not care less that I weigh 500 pounds and I am wearing a short, yellow, ostrich leather skirt. So why do you?”


Fashion is about social expression while following a prevailing clothing trend, and people have fun with it in many ways. But those who are most stylish will always consider the aesthetic point of view in their estimate of what fits.

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