A Cat’s Story

A Cat’s Story

A lot of people are lucky enough that they never have had to (or have managed to never) “get out of their way” to help a stranger, human or animal, in need.

It is a fact that in large cities, most of us are never put in a position to prove who we truly are, especially because fewer and fewer of us are capable of seeing and taking a personal interest in the sufferings of the world around us. Also, our society is organized in such a way that we pay people to save or assist people – never mind animals.

The below picture shows what I came upon today. That is what is left of a cat – sadly one in hundreds of thousands (sorry no official stats but an assumption based on the almost daily stories that come to my ears) – hit and killed by a car, and left rotting on the road by the rest of us. Some might only find there a reason to complain that the city’s road maintenance services did not do their job!

I believe and deeply hope that a cat is more than “that” and I try to hope that men are more than “that”, the most despicable creatures on earth and getting worse…

I now would like to tell the story of what I think and believe good – or God’s – people are. Good people do make sad or tragic mistakes but they try to fix them. They do not hit and run knowing how easy society makes it for them to be shamelessly uncaring people.

My friend Annie received a phone call on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago. The call came from a veterinarian’s clinic located in another town quite a distance away from where she lives. The news was bad: her cat had been hit by a car and brought to the clinic by firemen. My friend Annie is a Samaritan.

Annie does not own cats. She takes care of stray cats, she feeds them and has them identified and neutered whenever she can. She even takes home those whom she feels need protection from the cold in wintertime. That little cat was one of her protégés. The people who accidently injured her called the firemen after the act. The firemen came and reanimated her with the help of a vet-fireman and took her to the closest clinic opened on a Sunday. The veterinarian took care of the little kitty not knowing if someone would claim her, especially considering the cost of his services. He saved the cat. She is convalescing at Annie’s home but really wants to be out and about again. I don’t know if there is a scientific rule that says that a cat cannot be hit twice by a car but I can only hope so.

We really should not believe that God exists if that God lets men get away with their crimes or somehow puts them in the way of proving so easily how ungodly He is or un-godlike they are. My conscience and soul ache at the sight of this poor little creature left dying or dead on the side of the road but still find hope in seeing that there are a few good men left.

Christiane Hovivian

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